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Congratulations on the completion and launch of th...
In April 2017, we will welcome new and old customers to negotiate business and cooperate with you sincerely.
Founded in 2001, xintai mingrui chemical co., LTD. Is a private enterprise mainly producing industrial sulfuric acid. It covers an area of over 100 mu and has 200 employees.
The main products of our company are sulfuric acid. In 2012, the production capacity of sulfuric acid after technical modification was 50,000 tons/year to 300,000 tons/year, and 50,000 tons of sulfuric acid system was demolished in August 2013. The existing equipment adopts the most advanced technology and technology device in China, and the design is reasonable. It is one of the most productive equipments in the province. The technical scheme of the device is: boiling furnace roasting, sealing acid cleaning, "3 + 2", two transfer and other processes, all realizing the automatic control of DCS system. The raw materials are made of non-ferrous metal tailings, all from laizhou, anhui tongling, etc., to collect the slag. According to the current development of waste heat recovery in sulphuric acid equipment and level, the implementation of the waste heat power generation and energy saving technical reconstruction projects, supporting new on 44 t waste heat steam boiler and 12 mw extraction condensing temperature in medium pressure steam turbine generator set, power 66 million kWh, can save about 25764 t/a of standard coal. The comprehensive utilization of resources and the waste heat recovery power generation are all state support projects, which not only realize the cost reduction of enterprises, but also realize the utilization ratio of heat and electricity generation. To play a role in the company's economy, provide a certain number of employment opportunities, alleviate the situation of electric power tension in the region.
The company is operating in the factory planning, project construction, production management and other aspects according to the high starting point and high standard. Since the company started in February 2012 the expansion of the 300000 t/a late ore system of sulfuric acid device, on September 16, 2012 is complete, and through the trial production plan for the record, and began to organize trial production, mass production on December 19, 2013, successfully passed the completion inspection and acceptance of safety facilities.


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