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The ministry of industry and information technolog...
On July 23, the ministry of industry and information technology issued a guideline on further promoting industrial cluster development, and proposed strengthening planning guidance to promote the scientific development of smes in industrial clusters.
It is proposed that the planning layout and functional orientation of industrial clusters should be carried out according to the principles of rational distribution, industrial cooperation, resource conservation and ecological environment protection. Industrial cluster development plans should be incorporated into the regional development plan, and integrate with urban and rural planning and land use overall planning. Encourage support the construction of small and medium-sized enterprises in the industrial cluster industries (industrial) park, small miniature enterprise business of creating a guest room and other small and medium-sized enterprise innovation base, entrepreneurial innovation cluster areas, encourage conditional industry cluster construction of multi-layer standard factory building, efficient exploitation and utilization of land.
According to the guideline, we should play the leading role of leading enterprises. Each industry cluster should specify two to three leading enterprises and support them. Encourage and guide the small and medium-sized enterprises with leading backbone enterprises to carry out various forms of economic and technical cooperation, establish a stable supply, production, sales and supporting collaboration, such as cultivating and developing a batch of good corporate growth.
It is also clear that the regional brand building should be strengthened to promote the aggregation and value improvement of the elements. Improve the information level of industrial cluster and build intelligent cluster; Improve the innovation ability and enhance the competitive advantage of the cluster; Improve public service capacity and support industrial cluster transformation and upgrading; We will strengthen guidance and policy support to optimize the development environment of industrial clusters.
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