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Call for "acid no longer recommended as a precurso...
China sulfur association (2015) no. 14
The proposal for the collection of "sulphuric acid no longer ACTS as a precursor to precursor chemicals"
To advise the unit and to recommend the investigation
Related sulphuric acid production enterprises:
It is understood that the relevant state departments are the revised "regulations on the administration of precursor chemicals, sulfuric acid to reflect enterprise's demands, I association will draft the sulfuric acid is no longer as the advice of the precursor chemicals, invite the relevant units as general advice now.
To better prepare the proposal, reflect the voice of sulfuric acid enterprises, reflect the market circulation of sulphuric acid products, please provide the following materials:
1. The production, sales and transportation of sulfuric acid in the first half of 2014 and the first half of 2015;
2. It is possible to control the production, sales and transportation of sulphuric acid according to the management of the chemical products.
3. How should the transport of sulfuric acid be managed, please submit relevant policy Suggestions.
Please fill in the feedback form in the attachment and return it to the association by email before July 15. The association will formally draft the proposal and mail it to each unit.


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